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About Me: AF Insights was named as AF is me and Insights is what you get if you come to me. I am a business coach.

I am based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. I am a mother of 2 small children and a farmer’s wife, both of which I think give me a grounding in areas outside work which you can sometimes not control.
In my house hold there are 4 businesses.

The majority of my career has been in the oil industry, 11 years with an operator. The benefit of a large company is the variety and breadth of different people you come across and have to work with to implement ideas and projects. This made me very adaptable in my approach whilst aware of tools and procedures that had to be followed. I coached large teams to enable delivery. I spent 3 years offshore, when I usually was the only female there, I learned immensely from it. Through various roles coaching people (without influence) and working with teams commonly fell out as a strength.

Why do I do this? I want for every client of mine, not to survive but to thrive. I do this by supporting, clarifying, reflecting, questioning and listening, this facilitates a clear picture of the clients perspective. By doing this often their path becomes clear. I want you to be the best you can be and on the right path for you, in business this is intrinsically linked with what you want as a human being. Tie that and your work together = rocket fuel for performance.

I look at the business but more importantly who runs the business? You or your employees. What gifts and talents do you specifically have? Are you using them? Does your business process fit with you as a person and the people who work for you? We can fix any problem but my job is to go deeper than that and get you to truly understand what it is that makes you valuable / special and use that to maximise your performance, delivery and business potential.

This is what I will do:
• Discovery session to get to know you – 45 minutes zoom call, free if package bought, if not £50
• Call a week later to see how you progressed post session and agree forward plan - 15 minutes
• Proceed in 3 ways:
– 1 off session (usually for a specific urgent issue)
– Block of 4 sessions over a month (usually for a specific timebound issue)
– Block of 6 sessions over 6 months (overall improvement)

I can work with you for longer if required but if I have not got you moving in the right direction after these periods I am not doing my job properly. My job is to enable you to do it for yourself.

Contact me if you are interested in prices, there will be no hard sell.

courses available with this tutor

# Course Name Description Price
1 Women in the Workplace Women in the Workplace Do you understand why women are not getting on in bus... £300.00 Per Course

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