Xcel with Mahnaz

Mahnaz Sharif


About Me: Mahnaz has a first class degree in Mathematics and over 20 years work experience as an analyst in the financial sector. She has learnt many skills in problem solving, and analysing data which has helped improve planning, be more organised and become efficient. As a small business owner these skills were also critical in setting up processes to manage her business effectively.

She helps ambitious business owners navigate their journey with ease by teaching simple, clear and concise techniques. This covers efficiency in business includes the use of spreadsheets in business tasks to work with EASE and make admin FUN & ENJOYABLE. From digital offerings like guides, course to working one to one to add new online services to your range. The goal is to save time, work effectively and work SMARTER not harder.

Mahnaz is passionate about supporting small business owners and wants to help you work, plan, focus and manage your workload in a UNIQUE way….as unique as your business!

courses available with this tutor

# Course Name Description Price
1 Xcel Course Go from Frazzled and Daunted to ORGANISED & EMPOWERED. LEARN new unique ways to ... £199.00 Per Course
2 One to One Session For small business owners who want support to turn ideas into reality £67.00 Per Lesson

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