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Shaun Beck


About Me: Ready to be inspired? …

We work with individuals, teams and businesses to develop, train, mentor and coach awesome performance and engagement.

Business, team or personal goals, it doesn’t matter. We’ll help you to maximise your team and business strengths, unpick your challenges and ignite action to great performance.

The Inspire Ignite team have shed loads of experience working with diverse groups and teams across a range of organisations and industries. Our associates come from a real mix of backgrounds, businesses and specialisms. The most important thing is that we all bring high energy and authentic passion to the sessions we deliver.

We tap into a wide range of self and team awareness tools and techniques and use these to create and build impactful and creative learning experiences. We work super hard to inspire passion in the development of you, your teams and your business, and ignite action towards making a difference.

Right now our BIG 3 most popular offering areas are leadership and management programmes, energy & wellbeing bite sized workshops and one to one personal coaching.

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