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Alan Clark


About Me: In the words of the great Ronan Keating, Life is a Rollercoaster. I want to get up every day and just have a good time. Who doesnt?

Im the guy who tries to make you smile. I tell really good bad jokes. I happy cry at Mr Hollands Opus and my favourite film is The Princess Bride. If a meeting lasts more than an hour Ill pretend I need to go to the toilet and leave for 20 minutes.

Following a 25 year career in PE Teaching, Sports Development, Physical Activity and Lecturing, I co-founded 2 wellbeing businesses, Take Your Marks and The Wellbeing Venture, with my flatmate from University.

The Wellbeing Venture provides wellbeing support to business clients. However, the business is built on strong social giving principles.

We see huge inequality in our education system. The gap between the most deprived and most affluent continues to grow and that, for us, is an unacceptable situation.

As a result we have committed that The Wellbeing Venture will support Take Your Marks in providing free resources to schools.

People call me: Energetic - Motivated - Mischievous
People call me about: Workplace Health - Culture - Redefining Wellbeing

Course Description: Background / Scene Setting / What to expect
• What is mental wellbeing? - Taking an holistic view: Emotional, Physical, Mental, Social, Financial
• Why is it important? – Taking in some of the evidence and research around the impact of good / poor wellbeing at a micro and macro level
• What does the evidence tell us? – Taking an evidenced and scientific view of wellbeing: Cutting out the ‘woo’

• The personal and unique nature of your wellbeing
• Stress and Anxiety. – Evolutionary neuroscience: What’s going on in our brains?
• What do you know about you? – Can you rate your wellbeing?
• Developing awareness of why. – Identifying where deficiencies are
• Self Efficacy. – What do I do that I know works?

Practical Solutions
• Exploration of 5 areas affecting mental health – Be Active, Be Aware, Connect, Learn, Give
• Work / Life and understanding what balance actually means from a personal perspective
• Micro Habits and Layering – sustainable changes
• Realistic expectations
• Commitment contracting

Price: £500.00 Per Group

Special Offer: 15% during lockdown

courses available with this tutor

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1 Workplace Wellbeing Background / Scene Setting / What to expect • What is mental wellbeing? - Tak... £500.00 Per Group

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