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Phil Sayers


About Me: Im Phil Sayers, a career salesman, sales director, CEO and trainer. Ive been selling for more years than I care to remember, selling products and services around the world.

Ive recruited, developed and trained sales teams and I get as much satisfaction from helping sales people and teams become successful as I ever did from closing sales deals that ranged from a few hundred pounds to over a million.

Ive worked for, owned and run SME’s, so I understand the mindset required, the pressures faced and the pride and sometimes defensive ways in which owner / managers view their business… it is, after all “their baby”. I understand that no two businesses are identical and recognises that out of the box, end-to-end coaching solutions may not be appropriate.

Now I use those years of experience to help businesses become successful.

courses available with this tutor

# Course Name Description Price
1 EPIC Selling EPIC Selling is an online, on demand sales skills training programme. It will pr... £199.00 Per Course
2 1-2-1 or Group Sales Coaching Coaching helps you develop your own solutions to problems, and formulate strateg... £250.00 Per Month
3 Sales Mastermind Group Meet with like-minded business owners and sales people from other businesses and... £195.00 Per Month

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