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Nicola Richardson


About Me: I like to think of myself as a creative problem solver with a love of life.

I live and work just outside of Boston in Lincolnshire, but I travel across the UK to help SMEs Business Owners and their Managers develop the managers and their teams to create better-performing businesses.

In these times I am delivering virtual reviews and training and upskilling, which fits well with my years of remote management in the corporate world.

With my support, managers can learn how to build and develop great teams, business processes become much more effective, and employees are more engaged. The result is always better business performance and profitability.

I’ve managed and lead teams and projects for 30 years, and I know how hard it is to be the lone voice pushing for change that you know is needed. I know how frustrating it can be to battle against fixed mindsets who don’t want to change the status quo. I understand more than most how it feels to have a lot of great ideas about how to turn things around but no idea where to start.

When Im not being The People Mentor, I research family history, read and spend time with my grandchildren

Course Description: • To introduce participants to the subject of delegation.
• To consider why it’s important to delegate.
• To explore what constitutes effective and ineffective delegation.
• To consider best practice when delegating.
• To identify some pitfalls to avoid when delegating.
• To identify tasks that can’t be delegated.
• To review and learn from the experiences of being delegated to.
• To plan and prepare a checklist for effective delegation.

Price: £500.00 Per Course

Special Offer: 10% off if attendance first time to a course with The People Mentor and can be paid in installments

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