Communicating Culture

Gerry Higgins


About Me: I really enjoy teaching everyone, from students and lecturers to business professionals, on how to make great presentations. I show you how you can get the audience involved, and keep them engaged, so that they come away from your presentation very impressed !
Ive delivered presentation skills training in a variety of Countries and Cultures over the years and its great to see how people, who were at first scared and nervous, are confident and keen to try out their new skills after my courses.

Presentation skills is just one of the variety of courses Ive developed and run.

The others include :

- Intercultural Communication. We live and work in a global environment and this is a course where youll see how a Countrys culture can make a big influence on Negotiating, communicating and building relationships in business and in daily life.
- Train the Trainer is a course where youll learn how to design and present a course to produce great training .
- Influence and Communication is all about finding the right communication channel and ways to influence people you deal with in daily life .
- Negotiating Skills. Lets face it, we all negotiate all the time ,( what time shall we have dinner? whos picking the kids up ? etc. ). In business, as in real life, its a key skill to master .

courses available with this tutor

# Course Name Description Price
1 Presentation Skills Presentation skills have become an essential skill in both education and busines... £179.00 Per Course
2 Intercultural Communication Learn how culture affects communication and negotiating £149.00 Per Course

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