Rachel Hands-Portman


About Me: I have been a teacher for 23 years working in comprehensive schools. I have taught French and Spanish from beginners level (year 7) to GCSE. Within this age range, I have experience of teaching all abilities.
I have also been Head of Department in several schools so I know a lot about designing courses. I love teaching languages and love the challenge of building up a students confidence so that they can achieve even more than they thought possible. My lessons are always well-planned, with clear objectives. Although I am serious about helping my students do well its not all hard work, I think its really important to have a bit of fun and of course, you learn more when you are enjoying yourself.
I am also a qualified tutor of English as a foreign language, having taught English in 5 different countries over 7 years, including managing and training a team of teachers in Poland. For the last 12 months I have been teaching adults EFL and in particular, preparing them for the IELTS exam, the last 6 months of this I have been teaching online.

courses available with this tutor

# Course Name Description Price
1 French This is a block of 6 lessons the goal of which is to get you ready for a key the... £150.00 Per Course
2 Spanish This course is designed to get you exam-ready for GCSE. Its the first of 5 cour... £150.00 Per Course
3 IELTS Exams Get confident for the IELTS speaking exam. Complete understanding of how the exa... £165.00 Per Course

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