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About Me: My name is Emanuele EMC Marchetti and Im a professional session drummer, drum teacher, educator, and motivator based in London.

I have worked with many musicians and students and regularly receive feedback that I am the most enthusiastic drummer and drum teacher that they have met.

I started working at the 1Note1Notes Music Academy in March 2019 as a drum teacher and music theory teacher and this position has given me the opportunity to educate and cultivate a love of drumming and music more generally for a significant group of people. The students range from age 5 to 50. I have mentored and helped them prepare for exams from the following exam boards: ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal School of Music), Rock School (RSL Examination), and Trinity College. Beyond exams, the role of drum teacher offers an exciting opportunity to use my skills and experience to give children and adults a musical education, enabling them to tap into the ancillary benefits of practicing and instrument and playing live, such as teaching perseverance, enhancing coordination and improving mental health.

Additionally, I give 1 to 1 private drum tuition, teaching from novice to advanced drummers. I particularly enjoy the challenge of designing and delivering learning programs tailored to individuals whether tailored to their musical preferences, personal goals, or professional expectations. I love introducing new material and routines to students, and styles or themes they have not previously encountered and working with them to perfect this art.

I have benefitted enormously from a number of great teachers, each with their own drumming and teaching style. I really believe that excellent teaching can be transformative and enable children to achieve incredible feats, regardless of background or ability.

I see my role as a teacher to provide students with the skills, tools, and confidence to become independent, resilient, and reflective learners. I believe this is achieved through establishing a vision, one with high expectations for all, whilst providing a nurturing environment, one that offers challenges as well as opportunities to continuously learn.

As a mature student, I recently completed my Bachelors Degree through DIME Online (Detroit Institute of Music Education) in association with Falmouth University. I was awarded a first class honours degree in Creative Music Performance. Through this course, I had the opportunity to work with and learn from big names in the music industry, hone my technical skills and absorb musical knowledge essential to my own development as a musician and as a music teacher.

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