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FAQ's for Tutors

At Banana Frogs we are always looking for new tutors to join us. We welcome you if you have the skills to teach almost any supject for students of any age. If you run a class, teach solo, own a training company or offer any other method of teaching we would love to have you on board!

The best part is that Banana Frogs is COMMISSION FREE!!

So, the rate you state, is the amount you will receive!

Creating a profile is quick and simple.

To create your profile, simply click on the Register Tab in the banner at the top of the page.

Click the ‘Register to Tutor’ button on the home page or on the Tutoring Tab. Once you have completed the simple registration process you are then able to complete your profile and add all the information, images and even videos to make your profile “Pop”. With our social media links, you can highlight your business in different areas to show that you proudly tutor through Banana Frogs and your students can find more details on what you do on other forums.

Once completed, supmit your profile and you will go ‘live’ and viewing students will see your profile, and you will start growing your teaching business.

For more information on how to complete your profile, click here.

This is your time to shine! Bring out all the marketing guile you possess! It’s the most important part of your profile and is the big sell on your tutoring business. You have the opportunity here to tell potential students about your supject knowledge, your experience, your teaching style, your level that you are confident tutoring to or from and your personal accomplishments. Try to deliver in a friendly personal manner if you are a tutor, and a more professional manner if your target market of clientele is more corporate.

The primary goal of any bio is to assure the reader that you are capable of helping the student achieve ‘their’ goal.

There is no minimum length to your bio but please try to ensure you include the necessary detail to give prospective students all the information they need to make an informed decision. You do not want to miss out on business!

Here’s some questions that may help you create a great bio:-

  1. Why would I be a great tutor and my tutoring style?
  2. How can I help you achieve your goal?
  3. What experience I have in teaching?
  4. What level I can teach to or from?
  5. What qualifications I have in the supject?

If you are still unsure, we would recommend checking other tutors’ profiles who teach similar supjects and get some inspiration from there.

No one knows your skills the way you do!

Banana Frogs is a ‘one stop shop’ for almost anything that can be taught, or that the student may want to learn. If you teach Baby Massage or Pre-school gymnastics you are welcome to join us at Banana Frogs. Equally if you are a training company specialising in professional CPD training courses you are also welcome.

We aim to simplify the hunt for a course by having the one site that students, parents, schools and companies can use.

If your supject that you teach is not listed, register as a tutor and simply add the course. We will verify it and add it to the extensive list that we already offer.

Don’t forget to raise extra awareness of your offering you can link your social media accounts to your profile. Students can then look at your social media profiles or websites and get a more in depth understanding of what you do.

Absolutely! If we have an enthusiastic, driven tutor who knows their supject we at Banana Frogs welcome you.

Having a formal teaching qualification is not necessary as we realise some of the best tutors out there are not qualified teachers. If you are prepared, with excellent knowledge of your supject and can deliver a lesson plan so the student gains the best benefits from your course, we would love to have you join us.

If you are willing to keep up to date with the necessary requirements to deliver your supject, whether it follows the UK curriculum or otherwise, there are many ways to ensure you can deliver an excellent course to your students. Extensive online resources are also available.

With Banana Frogs you are not required to have a background check to become a tutor.

This way the student can make their own choice of tutor. If the student is not concerned with a background check being carried out this doesn’t limit the chance of you being choses. Especially if you offer online tuition, this is not necessarily of importance.

Of course, having a background check offers added value to your profile and credentials but it is not a requirement. Some parents however may see this as essential when looking for a tutor for their child.

To be awarded “ID Approved” status, you must have shown us proof that you have an enhanced background check dated within the last two years or are on the update service, with no past cautions or charges. We can only accept an Enhanced DBS check (standard and basic checks are no sufficient), the PVG Scheme Record or an Enhanced Access NI check. Unfortunately, we cannot help tutors secure a background check but info can be found at

If you need any help uploading this check to your account, please refer to our guide here.

Our terms and conditions ( set out what we accept when awarding the ‘ID Approved Status’.

You must not claim to have a background check on your profile without having been awarded the ‘ID Approved Status’.

With Banana Frogs we believe this is your business and you should charge what is correct for the supject you teach. Rates are usually charged by the hour but can also be offered as a block booking for the whole course. Discounts can be applied for repeat bookings or for introductory classes.

Depending on your supject that you teach, the level of study and your amount of experience rates will vary considerably from £10/hour and upwards. Beginner and inexperienced tutors such as students or recent graduates will charge approximately £10-£25 per hour depending on location, and more experienced tutors can command a higher price.

It is recommended to look at what other tutors with similar qualifications and experience are charging in your locality and work around these figures to generate maximum interest. Rates can be adjusted to suit, especially if you have more experience or vary your offering.

Please bear in mind that your rate must include your travel expenses for travelling to sessions within your usual travel radius.This is not usually added on top unless pre-arranged with the student for exceptional circumstances where you are required to go above and beyond what you would usually offer as a tutor. It is not professional to add an additional fee on top of the advertised rate of your tutoring.

Remember at Banana Frogs that the rate you state is the rate you receive.

We charge ZERO commission on your rate!

When you create a profile with Banana Frogs you want to sell yourself to the best of your ability. You want potential students to be confident in wanting to contact you. Having a profile picture makes students more confident in doing that. When the student makes contact with you, they can already relate to you, and it puts ‘A face to the name’!

We recommend you have a good quality picture in high resolution. It is important to have an individual photo with no other people in the shot. A good quality selfie is sufficient. We would recommend a head shot instead of a full body image. It is best to convey a professional image on your profile picture and these maybe colour or black and white. Just try to remember, you are selling yourself!

However, to have a Profile Video is optional. Not everyone is confident posting a video of themselves and we understand that, so it up to you if you want to include one on your profile. If you do decide to make one, ensure you speak in English, introduce yourself, talk clearly about what you offer as a tutor and make sure your video is less than 60 seconds. It is most professional to record a video featuring just yourself.

Tutoring means you run your own business and it’s your choice as to how often you tutor. Tutoring with Banana Frogs gives you the flexibility to tutor during the hours that suit you. We have an availability calendar so the students can see you are free to teach, and to make sure the hours suit them.

Most people have tutoring no more than once or twice a week so it’s important to measure your availability and ensure you can deliver a full quality teaching programme to the student. Try to make sure you don’t take on too many students so that you feel pressured. Some students might also want intensive programmes which are more or less full-time, so you have to be clear on what you want to offer from the beginning. Of course, you can add and remove availability to suit you.

Whether you want to tutor for just a couple of evenings for extra income, or it’s your full-time profession, it’s entirely up to you how you often you tutor.

If there is ever a time when you are unable to tutor due to holidays, being at full capacity or other concern you can simply put account into ‘Rest Mode’ and no enquiries can be made by students until you choose to awaken your account again.

Information on how to put your profile into Rest Mode may be found here.

If you choose to tutor online delivering video 1-1 lessons you can use any means which works best for you and your student. Popular options include Skype, Watts App Video and Messenger Video calls. As long and you and your student are comfortable and learning effectively you can use whichever video call you prefer.

On your profile you can select the methods in which you offer tuition. A tutor can teach in a classroom, in someone’s home and online, so we allow you to select multiple methods for which you offer tuition. You may deliver different courses in different ways so the method can be added through the courses supmitted tab. Choose as many as are applicable for each course that you teach.

As you and the student are not meeting face to face it will be your decision whether you accept Paypal or Bank Transfer for payment of the lesson, and whether you choose to receive payment before or after the lesson. Banana Frogs will not be responsible for payments not received for any lessons between the tutor and the student.

At Banana Frogs we operate as a safe platform for the student to find your details. Your emails are encrypted and are only exchanged with the student once you decide to make contact with them through a reply. Once you meet the student for a lesson it’s up to you what personal details you choose to share with them. This way all personal details are more secure.

This helps ensure conversations are professional and that both the student and tutor work well for each other.

Once your profile has gone live you will appear in the search results for that subject. When a prospective student likes what they see in your profile. They will first make contact via the encrypted messaging system we have. This way your email is protected from public view. You can then discuss how you could tutor them further. Further details may be exchanged once you meet for a lesson if you choose. Messages will be through an email delivered directly to you.

Currently Banana Frogs is operational only in UK and therefore we can only accept applications from tutors who are based in the UK. This is also applicable to online and video tutoring at present.

If you join Banana Frogs anytime before and including the 30th June 2020 registration is completely free for 6 months.

Registrations after this date mean an annual fee will be charged. The fees vary depending on whether you are a sole tutor or training company. We cannot offer a refund on mid-term cancellations of any membership.

The table of fees are detailed below.

Banana Frog Fees12 Month FEE
Tutors and Teachers£25 + VAT
Apprenticeship/Training Programme£25 + VAT
Coaches and Instructors£40 + VAT
Training Companies (2-10) Courses£80+ VAT
Training Companies (11-30) Courses£130+ VAT
Training Companies (>30) Courses£185 + VAT



Yes! Of course you can! We have students that are keen to learn from all areas of the UK and are waiting for tutors just like you to register. The more tutors we have from all regions in the UK, the more we can offer to the viewing students. There is no limitation on your tutoring based on your location. Remember, depending on your supject you can teach online anywhere in the UK. As long as you have an internet service and a screen you can deliver a course. So, whether you in in John O’Groats or Southampton, there is no reason why you shouldn’t join Banana Frogs! We welcome you with open arms!

Prior to teaching a lesson it is important to put clear times within which the lesson will operate. If the lesson runs over for a few minutes you would generally not charge for the extra time. However, if a lesson is likely to extend for a significant time in excess of 10/15 minutes, it is advisable to discuss with the student and any extra costings prior to continuing beyond your agreed lesson time. It is not professional for the student to be charged above and beyond what they were expecting to pay.
Remember, there are absolutely no commission fees to pay through Banana Frogs so your rate displayed is what you will receive!

Sometimes you may find that you cannot accept any new students, are on holiday or be unable to teach for another reason. The Rest Mode button allows you to put your profile on hold. Your profile is then removed from the search results. This means that students will not be able to send you any messages or request lessons. If a student sends a message and doesn’t receive a reply, this makes you as a tutor look unprofessional. We do not want you to have a poor image from your profile.

You can open your profile again at any time to suit you by clicking the “Rest Mode” button so it is showing as green.

Going into 'Rest Mode':

Log in to your account and head to your dashboard.

From there, you'll be able to see a green button that will allow you to set your profile to ‘Rest Mode'. It will go grey.

Going back to 'Go Live':

Log in to your account and head to your dashboard.

Click the grey button and this will turn green and your account will be live again.

Banana Frogs are always willing to showcase our best tutors. The ones that consistently deliver excellent service and leave students happy and confident in what they have learnt. These tutors and trainers will generate the best feedback and deserve to be recognised.

Tutors will automatically be placed higher up the search rankings if: -

  1. Their feedback is highest

    Quality teaching will help students leave excellent feedback. This score will push you up the rankings. We ask you to encourage students to leave feedback for courses you have taught as this will boost your ranking.

  2. They pay for a monthly promotional campaign

    Running a paid monthly campaign will boost your profile to the top of the rankings. There is a maximum of 5 profiles per subject taught that can be promoted each month. Campaigns run from the 1st of the month and are payable per subject. If you teach 3 subjects and wish to boost all 3, 3 payments are required for the month. Profiles are then guaranteed to be within the first 5 profiles for that subject for that month.

It’s easy to grow your business through Banana Frogs. We encourage you to tell your friends about your profile on Banana Frogs and how they can find out about what you do. They may know people at any area in the UK who is looking for help with the supject you teach. With social media being so powerful these days we are the only tutoring platform to allow students to incorporate these. If you have a tutoring Facebook page for example, potential students can view more information on what you do and maybe even see more reviews from previous students. The more information the student can see on you, the more they are likely to trust you as a teacher.

All Enhanced DBS checks, PVG Scheme Records and Enhanced Access NI Checks must be dated within the last two years. It is imperative that the DBS checks are Enhanced so the correct amount of information is included for verification purposes. Standard and Basic checks will not be accepted.

If you are in possession of a valid certificate and would like to add it to your profile, this can be uploaded via your account. It will be verified, and the ID Approved badge will be added. It is not a requirement to have a DBS check to become a tutor on BF, but is can help support your profile.

When uploading an image of your DBS check, please ensure that it is:

  • In colour
  • Enhanced (Standard and Basic Certificates are not sufficient)
  • Dated within the last two years (from upload date)
  • Visible in one photo
  • Good quality and fully readable!

Upload your DBS check here on your profile:-

supscribed to the DBS Update Service? Here’s what to do

This link offers a portal to store your Enhanced DBS certificates and helps simplify the check when you move job or commence a new employment. You can register here to use this service.

If you are already enrolled with the DBS Update Service, please upload a colour image of your certificate through your profile and tick the DBS Update Service box and we will verify your ID from there. Once checks have been completed the ID Approved badge will appear on your profile.

Please ensure we receive the Certificate Number and not the Update Service ID Number.

ID documents should be uploaded through your profile on the upload documents tab.

Valid Documents include: -

  • Passport
  • Driving Licence
  • Incorporation Certificates (for companies)

Please ensure uploaded documents are

  • In full Colour
  • Valid and in date
  • Fully readable
  • Not blurry
  • Government issued photo ID
  • JPEG or PNG with the FULL document or card showing

At Banana Frogs we take your data and privacy seriously, we are registered with the Information Commissioner`s Office. We encrypt all personal documents uploaded to our servers and these can only be viewed by our admin team. These documents are never shown to any students.

Your personal details and documentation cannot be viewed by other users. Your profile only displays your first name or company name, location, subjects, experience, your rates, and your feedback. Contact details are only shown to a tutor when the students receive a reply from the tutor via an email. Your documentation can only be viewed by our verification team who review your credentials to ensure you are qualified to offer tutoring through Banana Frogs.

We’re here to help you if you are struggling to set up your profile.

This allows you to setup your business and advertise yourself on Banana Frogs. It’s best to complete this to good level and show all the potential students what you have to offer. Complete all the sections to the best of your ability so as much detail is showing on your profile. Students need as much information as possible when selecting a tutor, so don’t leave them wondering!

Once you have submitted your details you get a view of your profile in Preview Mode. This allows you to see what your profile will look like to the student before it goes live. You can save your profile to suit as required by hitting submit.

Completion of your profile consists of three parts:-
Part 1: Edit Profile
Part 2: Add courses
Part 3: Upload Documents



Headline:This will show on your profile and will be the main headline students will see. Try to make is catchy such as, “Patient Piano Teacher to Grade 8”. If you are a Training company the name of your company will suffice. Such as, “The Midland Training Company - Specialist in HSE Training”.

Company name: If you have a training company you can enter the name here if you didn’t enter it first at registration. If you enter a company name that will be displayed on your profile.

Description yourself: The most important part that tells students about your skills and how you can be of benefit to them. Ensure it is honest, informative, professional and detailed. Make sure tone is friendly unless you are targeting the corporate market that it will suit.

A guide to writing a great bio can be found here.

Experience: Enter your experience of being a tutor/trainer in YEARS. This will be displayed on your profile

How many courses do you teach: Use the drop-down menu to select the way you teach and the number of courses you will list on Banana Frogs.

Teaching Method: Detail all the methods (more than one can be chosen) in which you teach. Offering online tuition allows you to reach students from all over the UK.

Profile Picture and Profile Video: Select a good quality picture or Logo if you are a company. Ensure you are the only person in the image or the video if you are a tutor. Keep videos to under one minute.

More information on choosing your profile picture can be found here.

Postcode: Enter your postcode so that students searching in your locality will find you.

Qualifications: Detail what qualifications you have that qualify you as a teacher in your subject. If you don’t have a specific qualification, simply detail what makes you a valid teacher in that subject. Ideally, we request you have experience or are qualified above the level you are teaching.

Apprenticeship/Training Information: If you are a company that runs training or apprenticeship programmes you can detail the information here. For example, if you run a programme where a young adult could work with you and gain skills as a Joiner you could detail that here. You can advertise this here on its own, or alongside any other courses that you may offer to teach.


Add courses: Start typing the name of the course you teach. Select it when you see it on the list and complete the required information. If your course is not displayed, select the ‘Add New course’ button and complete the detail of your course. It will then be submitted for approval and we will let you know when it is approved. You can then complete the remainder of the course information for your profile. These will be under the All Courses Submitted link. They will show as green when they are active.


Certificates: Upload your qualification certificates and your enhanced DBS Check certificates through the Upload Documents link.

More information on this can be found through the link here.

Identification Requirements: Please upload a copy of your photo ID so we can verify your identity. Uploading a copy of your passport or driving licence is best. Companies please upload a copy of your incorporation certificate.

Information on the ID we can accept can be found here.

supmitting your Profile: Once you are happy with the information you have entered click supmit to finish and send your profile for approval. One of the admin team at Banana Frogs will check your profile and publish on our site. Then you just wait for all the enquiries to come flooding in!

If you hit ‘supmit’ and it does not go through to the ‘Pending Approval’ page, an important area has been missed out and you need to go back and complete it.

Your account should be live and approved on our site within 48 hours. If there are any issues with your profile or courses that you may have added, we will contact you by email.

Once you have submitted your profile it will be reviewed by a member of our team. If there are any issues or missing detail in your profile or the courses, you may have added we will contact you by email. This is so that we can ensure your profile is not only compliant with the terms and conditions of our site, but have written your profile in order to get the best results possible.

Once it’s reviewed, we will enable your profile and your courses will be active, as shown in your All Courses Submitted page on your profile. This process can take up to 2 working days. We have a huge volume of tutors registering on our site on daily, so we thank you for bearing with us and being patient.

To prevent profile queries from arising, please ensure all the MANDATORY sections are fully completed.

We do encourage students to leave a review for their tutors. It is not essential to have reviews from your students but having positive reviews on your profile makes you more attractive to searching students. Tutors with the highest feedback naturally attract more visibility. The student can leave feedback on a tutor any time after the course is finished or after the 4th lesson, whichever is sooner. An email link will be sent to the student to complete feedback, and this will appear on your profile.

At Banana Frogs we do not employ tutors. We have simply created a platform for students to find the perfect tutor for them. As a tutor with Banana Frogs you are classed as self-employed. We are unable to offer advice on taxation issues and the associated responsibilities, and neither are we qualified to provide that. More information can be found on the government website at the following link.

An annual fee is payable to stay on the Banana Frogs website and is payable in advance. It is likely that your membership has lapsed, and your profile has been removed for live viewing.

If you would like to renew your membership, login and click the ‘Renew Membership’ button on the home page of your profile. Make the applicable payment for your profile through the Billings and Payments page on your profile and we will re-activate your account. Your account will be live again within 48 hours, usually much sooner. Once your account is live again, your profile will again be visible to prospective students and you can respond to messages received.

If you are struggling to meet you tutoring commitments at present, the best thing to do is put your profile into ‘Rest Mode’. This way no students are about to contact you unless you switch your account back to ‘Live’. If you may return to tutoring again in the future this is a good idea as it means you do not have to re-create your profile again, you can simply update or carry on from where you left off.

Click here to find out how to put your profile into ‘Rest Mode’.

Alternatively, you can let your membership lapse and not renew. Your account will automatically be removed after not renewing for a period of 12 months. There will be no refunds offered for removal of your account during the term of your membership.

If you would still like to close your account completely during your membership term, please click the Delete Account button on your profile and hit confirm.

We will confirm your cancellation of membership in writing so we are in accordance with our Privacy Policy (

Changing your Password

Click here to find out how to put your profile into ‘Rest Mode’.

If you wish to change your password, simply log into your account. Go to the Edit Profile tab. Scroll down to the bottom and you will see the box to Modify Password. Type your new password in the box and click ‘Submit’. Your new password has now been saved and available for use next time you login.

If you would still like to close your account completely during your membership term, please contact us on and let us know. We will need for this to be in writing in order for us to close your account in accordance with our Privacy Policy (

Forgotten your Password

If you can’t log into your account because you have forgotten your password, go to the login screen and you will see the ‘Forgotten password’ link beneath the login details. Click this link and it will take you through to create a new password. Enter your email address and a link will be emailed to you so you can create a new password.

FAQ's for Students

Banana Frogs offers you the opportunity to find a tutor in almost any supject that you want to study or learn more about. If you want to learn a new hobby, find tutoring for your child or find a professional training company that will take you to the next level within you career, then Banana Frogs is your one stop shop! You simply search for a tutor for a specific course or you can search by your location.

The best bit is our unique Inspire Me function that allows you to gain inspiration for a course that you may want to study. So many students are finishing school and not sure what direction they would like to go into next. Our Inspire Me function allows students to enter criteria and they will be directed to courses that suit their interests.

You can search our website easily by course or course and/or location.

Almost anything you want to learn can be found on Banana Frogs. From pre-school Spanish to top level Management Consultancy courses, you can find them advertised on Banana Frogs.

If you’re not sure what to study, you can use our Inspire Me function to help you find the perfect course!

We also offer a range of Apprenticeship and Training programmes that you may interested in applying for. These will develop your career and usually offer vocational training combined with further learning through a school, college or university.

We also feature every University and College in the UK so you can search all your study interests in one place.

Banana Frogs works for all ages from birth. If there is a course where the parent can learn with their new-born, such as baby massage, the parent can find tutors that offer this course. There is no minimum age that a course can run for and we also offer training companies, that run professional management and CPD courses.

Almost anything you can learn can be found on Banana Frogs. We have no age limits either!

Once you have registered with our site, which is a very quick process, you can search and message as many tutors as you like. You can check out their profiles, look at their profile videos if they have one and read their feedback. You can also check the response time as the tutors that use our site to their capabilities will respond the quickest. Be sure to consider how the tutor teaches whether it’s in groups, 1-1 or online etc., and make sure that this suits you, alongside their availability on the availability calendar.

One tutor may work for one person and not for you. It’s important to discuss what you are trying to achieve from your tutor and make sure what they offer is what you need.

We vet our tutors, and encourage them to upload DBS check certificates, giving them the ‘ID Approved’ status and this may be an important factor if you are seeking a tutor for your child. There are 1000’s of tutors and trainers on Banana Frogs and I am sure you will find the perfect one to suit your learning!

We at Banana Frogs work to link teachers and students to get the best results.

Once you have registered on the Banana Frogs website you can search all the tutors and send them a message via our website, or search any of the training companies and make contact either through the company’s website or via the message box.

It’s 100% free to search and speak to as many tutors as you wish. Also, the rate you see advertised by the tutor is the rate you pay, there are no further commissions or fees payable by you to Banana Frogs.

Prior to going live on the Banana Frogs websites tutors are required to complete a full profile registration. This includes their experience, qualification, photo, optional video and also, upload ID and any valid DBS check certificates if they are available. The background check for a tutor is optional and may not be important for some students but could be of paramount importance for parents. The profile of the tutor allows the student to make an informed decision and to assess their suitability for the course they are interested in.

We have feedback system implemented which will allow the students to see who the best tutors are.

It is NOT a requirement to have an Enhanced DBS check to use the Banana Frogs website. If there are tutors offering 1-1 lessons this will add credibility to their profile, especially for parents who may consider this to be essential prior to teaching their child. However, others may not consider this to be of importance. Some users of teachers and training companies will not ensure a DBS check has been completed.

Tutors that have an Enhanced DBS check and/or have uploaded valid ID for their training company will have the ID Approved Badge on their profile. Only Enhanced DBS check are accepted. Standard and Basic checks are not accepted. This is for all tutors who are based in the UK and Northern Ireland.

This way the student can make a free choice as to the tutor they would like to use.

Every tutor operates differently. Some will require full payment for a block of lessons, some will be monthly, and others will require payment after each lesson.

Some tutors will be cash only, others will have a card machine, and some will offer PayPal and bank transfers.

It’s for you to discuss with your tutor in advance of the lessons how they are happy to receive payment. Once this is clarified there will be no confusion further down the line once lessons have commenced.

With Banana Frogs we believe the tutor is running their own business and they will charge what is correct for the supject they teach. Rates are usually charged by the hour but can also be offered as a block booking for the whole course. Discounts may be applied for repeat bookings or for introductory classes but it’s entirely up to the tutor.

Depending on your supject they teach, the level of study and your amount of experience rates will vary considerably from £10/hour and upwards. Beginner and inexperienced tutors such as students or recent graduates will charge approximately £10-£25 per hour depending on location, and more experienced tutors can command a higher price.

It is recommended to look at what other tutors with similar qualifications and experience are charging in your locality and see how the rates vary. Don’t automatically go for the rate when considering a tutor. Look also at their experience and consider if they can fully deliver what you are requiring. Don’t forget that online tuition can be an option for you to consider too.

Please bear in mind that their rate for individual tutoring will usually include travel expenses for travelling to you. This is not usually added on top unless pre-arranged with the student for exceptional circumstances where they are required to go above and beyond what they would usually offer as a tutor.

Lessons can be arranged in any location that will suit both you and the tutor. Private tuition will usually take place in the students’ home or the tutor’s home. However, lessons can also be taught in public places such as coffee shops or libraries. Prior to your first lesson, this can be discussed and arranged with the tutor. Some students will have the first lesson in a public place prior to having a lesson at the tutors’ home.

Video lessons can happen on any format that you are both comfortable with. That could be Skype, WhatsApp video or even Messenger Video.

Yes! Of course you can! We have tutors that are keen to teach from all areas of the UK and are waiting for students just like you to register. There is no limitation on your learning based on your location. Remember, depending on your supject you can learn online anywhere in the UK. As long as you have an internet service and a screen you can receive a tuition. So, whether you in in John O’Groats or Southampton, there is no reason why you shouldn’t join Banana Frogs! We welcome you with open arms!

As humans we are all different and one tutor may suit one person but not another. It is important to find the right tutor for you to ensure you get the most out of your learning. This is where there can be added value to finding the correct tutor with a Trial lesson.

Before committing to a tutor, you can meet them, find out about their teaching styles and discuss a learning plan. It’s a good opportunity for you to let them know your learning goals too.

The trial lesson is usually chargeable at whatever rate is specified by the tutor (often discounted although not guaranteed), but the benefit is that you have not committed to a full block of lessons with them until you confirm after your trial lesson.

Not all tutors will offer this but if you are keen on a particular tutor who hasn’t detailed this in their profile, feel free to message them and enquire.

We also realise the importance of feedback for the tutor as it promotes their profile and highlights them as one of the more trusted tutors. For training companies also, this is important as it helps them stand out from the competition, so if you can leave honest feedback for your tutor, it will be appreciated by all.

If you have a problem with your tutor, please try to discuss with them first before leaving low feedback. It could be a simple misunderstanding that could easily be resolved.

Once feedback is posted, it cannot be reviewed or edited. However, please drop us a message with the correct feedback and an explanation, and we can amend it for you.

The tutor will send you through an email form for you to complete and submit and leave the feedback for the tutor. Results and comments will appear on the tutor’s profile.

At Banana Frogs we want you to have the best learning experience possible when using a tutor sourced through our site. We run checks on our tutors and try and ensure that only quality tutors are registered with Banana Frogs. However, it is important for the student or parent to use discretion when dealing with a tutor. If things don’t feel right, then it’s best to discuss with the tutor or to remove yourself instantly from lessons.

If you are experiencing abuse from a tutor through our messaging platform, please contact us on the details below and we will investigate further.

You can email us at We aim to respond to all emails within 48 hours.

It’s no problem to leave your account unused until you want to find another course. However, if you no longer want your account please log into your account, click Edit Profile. Scroll to the bottom and there is the Delete Account button. Click the button. You will be asked to confirm you want to remove your account and it will be removed, along with all the data associated with your profile. This will comply with our Privacy Policies which can be viewed at

It is a simple process to change the password. Simply login into your account, click on ‘My Account’, then click on ‘Edit profile’ and you will see the option at the bottom to modify your password. Once it has been changed, click Update. Your new password will now be linked to your account.

If you are unable to log into your account at all, click the ‘Frog In’ button and then Click on the Forgotten Password link on the login password below the login boxes.

This will take you through to the Email reminder page. Enter your email and a password reminder/reset will be sent through to you. Within a few minutes you’ll gain access to your account again to find that perfect course for you!

If you are still struggling to gain access to your account, please send an email to or message us through the Contact Us page.