Mental Health Awareness Training up 4000%

  • 💥 Mental Health Awareness training up 4000%💥 Lockdown and isolation is going nowhere fast. We continue to work from home, often only interacting with other people through a screen and it's really tough to do this day after day. As we all know Covid has had such a massive impact on our mental health and wellbeing. Encouragingly, it's good to see employers have largely realised the importance of looking after their staff with training on this area rising by a whooping 4000%! Have you had mental health support, or delivered this to your staff? Do you think think it would be of value for your team? What is there for solopreneurs? Banana Frogs has some great trainers in this area that can support you and your business. Go to and check out Alan Clark , Craig Cannell or Caroline Anthony to see how they can support your business and your employees so they can be in a better place during this increasingly difficult time. #stressmanagement #training #workplacehealth #mentalhealth

    04th February, 2021 08:57 PM

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