Continue Learning because life does not stop teaching!

  • We all have a passion for something whether it is teaching others, or willingness to learn a new skill. What is important is the sheer determination. What if you have a business? Are you doing all you can to make sure it is continuing to go in the right direction? We hear a lot about Business coaching, Career coaching and Mindset coaching. Do they provide a benefit? With the situation in the world surrounding Covid-19 businesses struggling and a global recession, businesses have to be more strategic and adapt to the new way of working. They cannot carry on as before, and not all the businesses are sure what is the best approach to take. I personally know of two businesses, both run Graphic Design agencies. One who I had a meeting with recently has really struggled during Covid and has only done 10% of their pre-Covid business level. The second however has been ‘out the door’ with work, and has had to take on another member of staff to assist with the growth of the business. Both are based in the same city and would have operated in and amongst similar clients. Why did one flourish and the other fall flat? As soon as lockdown happened the second connection immediately embarked on the help of a business coach. Interestingly enough, the business coach had experience of coaching online so the adaptation for them was natural. The coach insisted on a change of mindset, attitude, belief and of course, the approach. Working with them produced benefits to their business and ensured that they didn’t have to furlough staff, but actually had to hire. For a company to coming out of a pandemic more successful than going in, which isn’t a supermarket, eBay or Amazon is impressive. For SME’s it is possible to do well during a world crisis if they think clearly, are willing to adapt and use the resources of a good business coach to assist. They all offer differing skills so it’s important to work out where the weakness in your business lies. Whether it is strategic, management or financial there is a coach to suit. Banana Frogs are lucky that some great business coaches have opted to join us. Have a look at the variety we have and see if you can take your business to the next level!

    08th September, 2020 05:55 PM

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