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About Us

Welcome from Banana Frogs! Banana Frogs is a brand new and innovative website that is a one-stop shop for all your learning needs.

It was developed to help you fulfil all your learning hopes and dreams in one site. Instead of hopping from site to site, we simplify the process and save you time in finding your desired course.

The idea of Banana Frogs came about during the exam period when we struggled to find a suitable English tutor for our daughter who was taking her National 5 exams. At the same time, we were unable to find a piano teacher for our youngest son that would cover the area where we lived. Meanwhile, our oldest son was busily searching through lots of universities and colleges, to find the perfect course and location for the next stage of his education.

As a family, we were tediously going from site to site, and we became aware as to how time consuming and frustrating it all was. The realisation dawned on us that there was no single website where you could find information on a huge variety of subjects and study areas, regardless of whether you chose a vocational or academic career path.

This was the creation of BANANA FROGS.

So why the name Banana Frogs is what we are always asked?

Affectionately named after a research project that my son loved doing when he was younger and linked to education in the most unusual way, our family decided Banana Frogs was the perfect name for our website!

We are delighted to have created a user-friendly site that allows tutors to sell their services, link to their website and receive feedback from their students.

The tutors with exceptional feedback can become a featured tutor and receive priority placings in searches.

All students can search, for free, a huge variety of courses both locally and nationally to suit their needs. There will be options for group classes, individual learning and e-learning.

Our student search also has our unique feature called INSPIRE ME, and this helps the 1000’s of students who don’t know what course to study, or career path to follow, find that perfect course for them based on their interests, strengths and goals.

Our mission is simple, we aim to take the stress out of not only finding a great tutor, but to help the student find the best course for them.

We truly hope you enjoy your experience on Banana Frogs. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions please drop us a line!

The Banana Frogs Team